Power Cords

We manufacture and supply our range of superior quality main lead wires that are used in 2 pin &3 pin, 5 Amp and 16 Amp voltage ratings. Available in various lengths, our lead wires are ultrasonic welded and come with fully molded plug. We make main lead wires with molded plugs for iron box, refrigerator, immersion coils, AC, JMG and Water Geysers. Safe to use, reliable and durable, our lead wires can also be made to suit the clients needs.

Electrical equipment and appliances came with a power cord, which connects then to mains via an electric plug mounted on a wall. Some of these power cords are fixed whereas, others are detachable. Detachable power cords come with a socket at one end and a pin at the other. Fixed power cords are attached with the appliance. Some of these cords, which are attached with sensitive instruments or audio/video equipment contain a shield in order to, minimize electromagnetic interference. Same power cord can be used with multiple devices and appliances depending upon the socket or the pin. Power cords sets are available in market and they come with few accessories such as leakage current detector, pi;ot lamp and fuses for over-current protection. We manufacture high quality power cords, duly tested and checked by our experts. These cords are safe to use and ensure high performance of the appliance attached with.