Co-axial Cables

3 core flat Co-axial Cables is a specialized cable used for submersible pumps in a deep well. As the area of installation is physically restrictive, and the environment is very hostile, we design and manufacture keeping in mind these factors to achieve the highest possible degree of reliability & safety. Certain striking features of our Flat Submersible Pump cables include excellent resistant to moisture, abrasion, grease, oil, longer flex life, excellent mechanical & electrical properties. PVC insulated winding wires are used as original equipment for winding of submersible pump motors.

They are also used for rewinding of these motors. The special purpose PVC insulation enables these wires to operate under water over long periods. The minimum insulation thickness is achieved through precision extrusion process so that insertion in stator slots is smooth and easy. Finolex has also developed higher sizes with multi strand copper conductors for higher HP Pump motors for specialized applications such as de-watering, mining and naval pumps.